Senior running competition can be seen as any other team sport, but is more based on fire fighting techniques from yesteryear. It has been established to increase teamwork, trust, fitness, network and a friendly competition between fire brigades throughout the state. Some teams compete very seriously others compete for the social and networking aspect.

The events involve fire fighting techniques used 100 years ago. These techniques have been altered to make competitive events possible. smallimage-3

The competition is open to either active or inactive, who are a member of a Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The running team trains twice a week to be ready for a season which starts in late January and finishes with the " Easter championships".  At the end of the season the discipline drill will form part of the training. The discipline drill is a March which is judged on step, precision and presentation. 

The partners of the competitors are forming a big fan club, often travelling to the events throughout the Southwest to encourage the runners.

Last seasons achievements at the Easter Open Championships, which is open to running teams from interstate, are:

  • 1st Blue Ribbon Eight
  • 2nd B Class overall     
  • 2nd Y Eight                  
  • 3rd Four Men Y           
  • 3rd Hose Sixes           

 The oldest (1947) and latest trophies at Busselton Fire Station