As with any skill that people require, training is the basis for successful firefighting. Training for the volunteers differs from the permanent firefighters, although volunteer firefighters can get certification in most aspects of firefighting. DFES has developed a curriculum for volunteer firefighter training called the VTEC system. This gives firefighters the basis for the various aspects of fire fighting. The local brigades conduct weekly drills which focus on a particular area. For special firefighting aspects such as breathing apparatus certification, refresher training courses are conducted.

  • Volunteer Firefighting


    The Pathways project is a significant investment in the professional development of career and volunteer personnel, to be phased in over three years. It will provide the skills, knowledge and training requirements for each rank, role or level while ensuring standards of training are maintained. The project will bring clarity for managers on ways to develop their personnel, and support volunteers to manage their own professional development.

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  • Training drills

    Training drills are conducted to practice and refresh the skills gained at the DFES training courses. Training drills may vary from a hot fire and vehicle rescue scenario to a night where knots and radio skills are practiced.

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  • Refreshers

    Breathing Apparatus is a certification course, which has to be refreshed every 6 months to ensure the certification stays current. DFES sends a qualified instructor once every 6 months to do a training drill which is focused on all aspects of Breathing Apparatus operations.

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