The Pathways project is a significant investment in the professional development of career and volunteer personnel, to be phased in over three years. It will provide the skills, knowledge and training requirements for each rank, role or level while ensuring standards of training are maintained. The project will bring clarity for managers on ways to develop their personnel, and support volunteers to manage their own professional development.

Pathways is a key part of our capability platform that will help us continue to deliver our reform agenda to serve the community of 


Western Australia at the highest level and assist in the protection and welfare of all personnel attending incidents.

Each Pathway sets out any pre-requisites, mandatory progression requirements along with the skills, knowledge and training. Each Pathway has been developed by the Professional Pathways Project Team in consultation with the Manager or Owner/User.


Volunteer Firefighter 1 - (VFF 1)

Volunteer Firefighter 2 - (VFF 2)

Volunteer Firefighter 3 - (VFF 3)

Volunteer Firefighter 4 - (VFF 4)

Volunteer Crew Leader/Lieutenant/Apparatus Officer - (VFF 5)

Volunteer Captain/Fire Control Officer/Chief Bush Fire Control Officer - (VFF 6)